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114. THE WINNER IS..........

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7.6kg of fat lost and 9cm off his waist measurement in incredible progress and a reflection of your hard work!

We had a boat load of awesome transformations in the Elite 8 Week Challenge we ran through September and October, but 1 person had to be voted by the members to Win the £250 CASH PRIZE...and that person was James.

He's been on an incredible journey since he started with us last year. Coming from 112kg down to 95kg (the last 7.6kg coming off in No Excuses on the 8 week elite challenge after Built to Blast got rid of the first 10kg).

He fully lives our Values and Mission to train hard to build strength, fitness, athleticism and a REAL LIFESTYLE that will outlast any fad, diet or gimmick.

He's been an awesome addition to TeamCC and is continually working hard to get better, enjoy training and make the most of the support and people at the gym.

He plays for Wimborne Rugby Club, so you can look forward to seeing him smashing it up on the pitch like a speedy ninja from now on too!

We can’t wait to see him continue to improve and hit some big numbers in his strength and power tests too (because it's critical to us that we improve performance as well as aesthetics).

Once again mate, great work and congratulations on big results from your hard work!

For those of you who want to get changes like this, we’ll be running the next 8 Week Elite Challenge in January.

Numbers will be limited, so you'll need to get on the list for the best chance to join. Just enter your details through this link and we’ll be in touch with details soon:

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