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Our 8 Week Cycling Specific Strength & Conditioning Program is BACK!

Starting on Tuesday 9th of January at 7:15pm you can drastically boost your Watts Per Kg on the bike without spending hours grinding it out on a Turbo Trainer in your cold Garage!

In the 8 x 1 Hour Fully Coached Sessions We'll:

Build the Strength of your Cycling Specific Muscles so you can put more force in the pedals for less relative effort Train you specifically to avoid building any extra body weight, we're not about adding bulky muscle....just force, efficiency and speed Correct imbalances and flexibility problems that can often cause pain and niggles if left unaddressed.

This is perfect if you've invested lots of time into cycling but never addressed your strength and power in the'll have a huge amount of potential speed waiting to be developed by our program.....and we'll coach you through the whole thing so you don't need any prior experience to get the most from it.

This course would normally by £119 for the 8 week block, and we sell out the 12 spots every year, but if you sign up before Christmas you'll get it for just £99.

To book your spot, or a Christmas Present for someone you know would love it, just click this link and complete the payment process:

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