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Awesome feedback on our Yoga For Lifters 8 week Course from James:

"I decided to take up Yoga for Lifters as I'd found that my form was starting to suffer from poor mobility. I was a little skeptical at first but It's probably been the best decision I could have made! Not only have my PB's gone up in my squat, deadlift and bench but my recovery times and general posture has improved massively.

Kate leads the class brilliantly. As a room full of complete beginners, she takes people through at their own pace but also always has a "step it up a notch" option for those feeling adventurous! Her knowledge is amazing and being a lifter herself she really understands the importance of mobility and what to focus on to improve your all round performance. Not only this but she always delivers the class with a positive energy, smile on her face (even at 6am in the morning!) and a clear passion and enthusiasm for Yoga.

I'm now a massive Yoga convert and couldn't recommend Kate's class more. It really will help with all aspects of anyone's gym routine and if like me, you struggled with mobility, it's been a game changer! I look forward to continuing and seeing how much more I can progress under Kate's guidance. "

We'll be running another block starting on the 9th of January if you'd like to get involved. We only have 5 spaces left because everyone from this block is signing up again!

To book your place for just £99 before Christmas and they sell out please click this link to the info page and follow the payment process:

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