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122. 3, 6 or 9kg?

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Which one is it?

How much body fat would you like to lose by the 24th of June?




They're all do-able, we had plenty of guys and girls achieve them in our last 8 week challenge.

It just depends what your goal is and how much you dig in and enjoy the process.

You might want to make the biggest change to your body that you can and be ready to see how you'd feel 1.5 stone lighter than you are right now. 9kg and probably 3 inches off your waist will mean plenty of shopping for new clothes because your entire physique will be radically changed.

6kg, or 1 stone, is the average we aim for on our 8 week challenges. That'll mean the extra weight on your stomach, lower back, arms and legs is drastically reduced...Probably 2 inches off your waist measure.

3kg is very noticeable, it might be all that you're aiming to lose, and it makes the difference between seeing your abs and really making you feel awesome in certain t-shirts or dresses.

And that's just the fat loss side of the challenges.

Our main goal for this whole thing is to boost your health, confidence, energy levels and happiness.

Because those are the things that really matter right?

If you feel better on a daily basis:

Less groggy and tired in the morning, less sleepy mid-afternoon and ready to get after it through the day....

If you move and play better, either with your kids or on the sports field....

If you actually enjoy getting out on the beach in the sun this year because your confidence is sky high...

....Then we've done our job.

We have a proven process that will deliver the volume of change that you're looking for.

You just need to tell us what that is and then dig in and enjoy the ride. We have the map, you just need to drive the car.

And the beauty of it is that you can either achieve this with us in the gym or in your own gym.

If you live in Poole and want to train with us in person you can do it through Built to Blast, No Excuses or Strongirl, just click the link for the program name.

If you can't get to us in person and want to complete the online 8 week challenge you can find out more and get yourself booked on through this link:

Either way you get the highest level of support, enjoyment and results possible. We just won't accept delivering anything less.

We start on the 30th of April, sign ups close on the 27th. If you want to be feeling epic by the 30th of June make sure to take action and book your spot today.

And then we can get on it and really help you.

Looking forward to it!


Russ and TeamCC

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