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124: Polly's Progress since she started with's incredible!

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Polly has had an amazing journey with us so far and we can’t wait to help her achieve even more from here.

Here’s what she had to say about being a member at @teamccgym ...

“Incredible team of coaches matched with a fantastic bunch of people to train with - what’s not to love?!”

“I’ve been at Team CC for about 18 months and in that time I have; 1️⃣ Lost over 12kg in weight 2️⃣ Increased my 1RMs by an average 30kg 3️⃣ Competed in my first Full Power powerlifting comp (and placed third in My weight category!) with more booked for this year 4️⃣ Improved my fitness in general I started from basically nothing - couldn’t complete one full push-up to now doing multiple sets of 12!”

“No other choice in my opinion. Come and join us and see what you are truly capable of 💪🏼”

Thanks Polly! We love having you as part of the team! ❤️

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