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129. Stu is 9kg Down...but it's not even about the weight loss....

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Stu has made incredible progress this year: He lost 9kg and has transformed physically, but the biggest change has been in his mindset...

“Whilst I’d been improving my physical strength I’d unwittingly been improving my mental strength”

…He’s coming up to 40 and gone from sporadically hitting classes in a commercial gym and getting nowhere to loving training with us and feeling in complete control of his progress as part of team again.

It’s been awesome having Stu in the team; he trains, has fun, works on implementing the nutrition support and is reaping the rewards. His hard work has paid off in a big way and we’re very proud to have helped him along the way.

Incredible work Stu!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about TeamCC please get in touch here:

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