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54. This is what losing 10kg looks like

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6 months ago Robbie weighed 92kg, now he's 82kg. It wasn't a straightforward easy ride though. He's has plenty to contend with in that time.

But the real difference maker was knowing what he wanted and being willing to learn along the way....and keep learning.

But the best bit for us is that now he feels completely in control of where he's heading.

He's learnt so much about his body, nutrition and training that he can continue his improvement into the future.

This isn't a quick fix change that will reverse itself over the next few months....this is just an update on his journey of continual improvement..... ....both in and out of the gym.

In another 6 months we're very confident that we'll have an even better photo for you to see how he's kept progressing.

Keep it up mate....and well done!


Russ and TeamCC

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