Girls Team Training Focusses On Helping You Build a Body & Lifestyle That You Love

The ideal way for you to get started training with us and
Guarantee to Lose Over 10 lbs in 6 Weeks....

Girls Team Training 6 Week Transformation Program

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If you’re ready to make big change and finally build a healthy, happy and confident body and mind then our Girls Team Training Transformation is going to be perfect for you.

It’s designed specifically for women who want to get out of the rut they’re in right now and start their training journey with us…it doesn’t matter what your starting experience, as you’re ready to dig into the challenge and make massive progress.

Here's How We GUARANTEE That You'll Get Results....

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3 Coached Sessions Per Week

Our Team Training programs have 3 sessions per week focusing on fitness and an introduction to lifting weights. This combination will create a lean and healthy physique and set you up for progress in your training. The coach guarantees you do everything right and at the right level to move you more confusion and guess work.

Full Nutrition and Meal Support

Full Nutrition & Meal Support

Our Proven & Easy to follow meal plan gives you food that tastes great and satisfies your body so it burns fat, kills the cravings and gives you the highest and most consistent energy levels.

Supportive Group Training

Supportive Group Training

The other members on the program are in exactly the same position as you and will provide so much value to the process. They'll push you to do more, celebrate with you and help you get over the hurdles of making real changes. You'll never feel the only person in the gym who doesn't get it.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you haven't achieved what we set out to t the end of your first 6 weeks we'll give you your money back

See What Our Members Have Achieved....

Vicky struggled with knowing what to eat, making the time for herself and confidence in shape.

Now she's stronger than her husband and feeling so happy about her arms,legs and fitness.

Paula Before After
Nichola Before After

The Girls Team Training sessions are Mon/Wed/Fri from 06:15-07:00am

We start our Girls Team Training program with a 6 week transformation to help you make the biggest change possible in a fixed and realistic period of time. This transformation is just £175 for 6 weeks and then you can stay on the program with us for just £89/month thereafter if you want to keep your progress going.

To apply for your spot just complete the form below:

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