Build a Lean Bikini Body that has the Strength and Fitness to Boost your Confidence to a New Level.

Finally create a Lifestyle that helps you Love Training and Lose that Last Stubborn 10lbs of Body Fat

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The Strongirl Solution is the perfect program for girls who know that strong is sexy and training for performance and health is so much more satisfying than the constant grind of calorie burning.

Building a Slim, Strong, Fit and Bikini Ready body is the goal of the Strongirl Solution Program.
And we’ll give you everything you need to guarantee that happens.
We’ll stop the yo-yo ing for good and give you the long term solution that allows you to build the body and lifestyle that you’re looking for.

Here's How We GUARANTEE That You'll Get Results....

Girls Training

3+ Coached Sessions Per Week

We know that you need an exciting and fun program to follow that will continue to challenge your mind and body to adapt and improve

Full Nutrition and Meal Support

Full Nutrition & Meal Support

We know that you need an exciting and fun program to follow that will continue to challenge your mind and body to adapt and improve

Teaching KBDL

Supportive Group Training

Our combination of personal support and feedback woven between group challenges for accountability will provide the perfect combination to set you up for success

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you haven't achieved what we set out to t the end of your first 6 weeks we'll give you your money back

See What Our Members Have Achieved....

Vicky struggled with knowing what to eat, making the time for herself and confidence in shape.

Now she's stronger than her husband and feeling so happy about her arms,legs and fitness.

Polly Before After
Vikki Before After

Kara Before After
Krista Before After

The Strongirl Solution Program sessions are:

Mon/Wed/Fri    :    06:00 - 07:00 am
Mon/Wed/Fri    :    09:30 - 10:30 am
Mon/Wed/Thu :    06:00 - 07:00 pm

The program starts with a 8 week transformation beginning in January, May and September to help you make the biggest change possible in a fixed and realistic period of time. This transformation is just £149/month. Once you've completed the transformation you can continue on the program for just £119/month to really build a lifestyle and continued progress.

To apply for your spot just click this button and complete the form on the following page:

Strongirl Solution Program Form

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